Sprinkler Timers & Spring Turn On

In the high desert of Park City, a lawn goes through different times of irrigation need. Depending on where the snow melts in your yard, your sprinkler turn on could occur anytime between April and June. Timer adjustments are typically made throughout the season as we enter the dry months of July and August, with timer shutoffs typically in October. Our sprinkler services are priced at the most reasonable rates in Park City. Call or e-mail us for a quote.

How We Maintain Your Irrigation Timer

  • Turn on irrigation main line and check for leaks
  • Run through all irrigation stations
  • Repair and replace any broken heads or lines
  • Adjust all heads to make sure they are covering the area appropriately
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  • Sprinkler blowouts and winterization in October
We help you maximize your budget and conserve water by setting your timers at just the right times for just the right amount to keep your lawn looking beautiful… without overwatering.

Brands We Use

rain bird